Incremental, 316 St.St. 115mm clamp body, 11mm Solid Shaft, terminal box, IP67
Posital OCD-INS00-XXXXX-115W-TB1 Encoder

IXARC heavy-duty incremental and absolute rotary encoders are based on a housing design that has a 25-year record of surviving the toughest conditions.

These encoders feature extra rugged impact-resistant Type 316L stainless-steel or aluminum housings and seals rated to IP67.

Like other POSITAL devices, the heavy-duty encoders are available in a wide variety of configurations.

  • High Mechanical Shaft Loads (up to 250 N Axial, 350 N Radial)
  • High Shock and Vibration Impact (200G and 20G Respectively)
  • Type 316L Stainless-steel or Aluminum Housings
  • Shaft-lock Mechanism Protects Internal Components
  • Wide Variety of Configurations
  • IP67 Rating
  • Dual-function Models with Incremental and Absolute Outputs

Ouput options: CanOpen, SSI with Preset

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