Impulse Distributor for Incremental Encoder with Potential Separation, 8 Outputs
Motrona GV461

Motrona Signal Converter

Impulse distributor for incremental encoder with potential separation between input and output. Short-circuit-proof supply voltage for the encoder and extended temperature range -20°C ... +60°C.

- 1 pulse input with format A, B, Z [HTL] or
- A, /A, B, /B, Z, /Z [RS422]
- Input frequency up to 200 kHz [HTL] or 500 kHz [RS422 / TTL]
- 8 push-pull outputs, formats corresponds to the input signals, ut with individual assignement for each output

Variation: GV461; same but with only 4 Outputs
Variation: GV470; same but with non-isolated inputs

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