EtherNet/IP Encoders Stocked by PCA


Many of the most commonly used PLCs in Australia are moving away from the old serial-based communications protocols such as DeviceNet, in favour of Ethernet based technologies 

Nowadays most commonly used PLC’s, variable speed drives and HMI’s all communicate with one another over the fast, and reliable, proprietary communications protocol EtherNet/IP. 

Many of these automation applications include the measurement and feedback of position and speed, via rotary encoders.  

Today these absolute position encoders can easily communicate their information directly to the PLC or VSD over the EtherNet/IP network. 

PCA Encoders, a member of the ADM Systems group of companies will soon be carrying the POSITAL EtherNet/IP encoders in stock, so that you can get a hold of one as soon as you need it. 

EtherNet / IP Encoders
Ethernet IP Encoders


We have placed our stock order and the encoders are due in early September, 2019. 

This is particularly useful if you need an urgent replacement for one that has been damaged in the field, which invariably will cripple the machine or process. 

Of course, it is also useful to know that stock is available for new projects as well.  

Our team of expert engineers are on hand to help you with any necessary 2D or 3D CAD drawings required to design the encoder into your system. 

We can also quickly provide you with the relevant EDS configuration file for your PLC so that it knows what device it’s talking to. 

The POSITAL’s EtherNet/IP encoders utilise optical technology making them extremely accurate, up to a resolution of 16 bit per revolution and are available as single-turn or multi-turn variants. POSITAL EtherNet/IP encoders are ideally suited for factory automation because many mechanical characteristics, as well as various connector and cable outlets are available. 

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If you would prefer to browse the range of encoders on our website, then please click on the following link: Encoders 


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15 October 2021