New Version of Motrona Operator Software Released

Motrona Software

Motrona manufactures a vast range of electronic measuring devices, signal converters as well as process and motion controllers, all of which are available from PCA Encoders.

In fact, we carry many models in stock. 

Motrona’s operator software is used to configure or set up many of Motrona’s signal converters and DS safety relays. 

Customers using revision OS6.0 or older should note that this is no longer supported and should upgrade to revision OS10.0. 

The latest revision of this software is available as a free download from the PCA Encoders website. Click on the following link to navigate to the download page: 

Motrona OS10.0. Software Download  

Motrona Logo

The latest revision includes compatibility with later versions of the Windows OS as well as the ability to configure Motrona products that have been recently added to their range.  

Please do not hesitate to contact PCA Encoders if you have any questions about a Motrona product. A member of our expert team will gladly answer any questions that you may have. 


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15 October 2021