Incremental Encoders - Through Hollow Shaft

Posital OCD-INH00-XXXXX-T120-PRQ
Through Hollow Shaft ø12 mm Body Diameter ø58 mm
Posital OCD-INH00-XXXXX-T250-PRL
Through Hollow Shaft ø25 mm Body Diameter ø77 mm
Posital OCD-INH00-XXXXX-T420-PRL
Through Hollow Shaft ø42 mm Body Diameter ø100 mm
INHE Through Shaft Hollow Encoder
15mm Shaft; 63mm Body diameter Connection via Axial/Radial angle cable
PCA INHG Incremental Encoder
Body Diameter - 58mm Shaft Hole - 6 to 12mm Max. PPR - 10000
PCA INHJ Encoder
Body Diameter - 74mm Shaft Hole - 6 to 18mm Max. PPR - 25000
PCA INHK Incremental Encoder
Body Diameter - 95mm Shaft Hole - 12 to 30mm Max. PPR - 25000
PCA INHN Hollow Shaft Encoder
Body Diameter - 103mm Shaft Hole - 26 to 44mm Max. PPR – 50000
PCA INHP Encoder
Body Diameter - 120mm Shaft Hole - 44 to 65mm Max. PPR – 50000
PCA INHQ Encoder
Body Diameter - 150mm Shaft Hole - 65 to 100mm Max. PPR - 50000