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Encoder Tester and Simulator

  Incremental Encoder Testing Instrument                                                

EncoderLAB - User Manual

The EncoderLAB is both an incremental encoder tester and simulator combined into the one housing.  PCA has been manufacturing these products as two separate instruments since the beginning of 2000. As a builder of incremental encoders in Australia since 1981 our experience has enabled us to develop these unique instruments which are now exported to manufacturers around the world.

A detailed explanation of the operation of the test equipment

Last update September 2013


EncoderLAB - Software Installation Guide

Explanation of the installation and reporting configuration

Last Update June 2014


EncoderLAB - User Software Download

This Windows based software provides the EncoderLAB with remote control from a PC and full reporting facilities. Note: be sure to read the Installation Guide above before installing the software.

Last update June 2014

Upgrade note:

This upgrade provides three user configurable fields in the encoder test report, refer to page seven in the installation manual. NOTE: A copy of the two files above are included in this .zip file.



 Other Testing Instruments

Incremental Encoder Signal Simulator

This unique instrument is designed to be a substitute for a mechanical encoder during commissioning control products. It eliminates the need to have and encoder mechanically driven during testing of equipment.


SSI Signal Tester

This instrument is a tool for connection to any devise with SSI output protocol via USB port to a Windows PC for testing its operation.


OLD Encoder Tester

NOTE Has been replaced with the EncoderLAB

User manual