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Our inclinometers are an industrial grade non-contact device for measuring tilt or rotation angles from 0 to 360 degrees. They can be used to replace rotary encoders and potentiometers in applications where all movement is within a 360 degree arc.

 All models other than the 360 degree single axis versions have dual axis outputs for a measuring range of +/- 80 degrees or a 160 degree arc for both X and Y directions. Our range of inclinometers are a complete level sensing instrument in just one device, available in a range of protocols.

  • Analogue voltage: 0 to 10 Volts
  • Analogue current: 4 to  20 Milliamps
  • CANopen
  • DeviceNET
  • SSI
  • Profibus
standard green Inclinometer

Standard Duty – Plastic Housing

heavy duty Inclinometer

Heavy Duty – Metal Housing

round Inclinometers

High Procession – Metal Housing