Posital's Encoder Programming Tool

Encoder programming tool

PCA Encoder's is proud to be Australia’s distributor of POSITAL encoders. 

All POSITAL’s encoders, which incorporate POSITALS IXARC technology can be configured using the handy UBI-FAST configuration tool. This applies to incremental and absolute encoders alike. 

It means that one single model of encoder can be used for many different applications, thus reducing inventory holding and the associated costs. 


The programming tool is supplied with a terminal adapter connector block for connecting incremental encoders.  

To connect an absolute encoder, you will need to purchase the required connector cable sets. POSITAL offers a wide array of different cable sets for different types of absolute encoder. 

Encoder programming tool adapter

The user interface can be any Wi-Fi enabled smart phone or tablet. This is perfect for in-field programming tasks. Alternatively, you can use your laptop or PC as the interface. The confirmation file can easily be saved or shared for future reference or cloning.  

The UBI-FAST configuration tool uses Wi-Fi to connect with your phone, allowing you to use either your web- browser or a freely downloadable IOS or Android app as the user interface.  

The UBI-FAST configuration tool allows for great flexibility to meet many different requirements from one hardware device. This is the perfect solution for system integrators and end users alike. It means that one single model of encoder can be used for many different applications, reducing inventory holding and the associated costs.  

In fact, it is what enables PCA Encoders to hold stock that much more effectively, so we have the Encoder you want when you need it. 

For further information on POSITAL’s programmable encoders, please contact PCA Encoders on 02 9482 3733. A member of our expert team will gladly answer any questions that you may have.

POSITAL Encoders

3 December 2019