Avtron XRB3

IECEx intrinsic safety isolator barrier for encoders
Avtron XRB3 intrinsic safety isolator barrier

Ensures comprehensive Level 1 protection for encoders in hazardous areas, encompassing IECEx Zone 1 & 21 "ia" standards. The XRB3 intrinsic safety isolator suits SMARTSafe™ incremental encoders with quadrature output.

By integrating the XRB3, the SMARTSafe encoder system is guaranteed to comply with hazardous duty UL and CSA, ATEX & IECEx safety standards. The product range includes an extensive selection of SMARTSafe rotary encoders tailored to meet diverse application requirements, such as the heavy-duty hollow shaft (XR45), shafted models (XR4F, XR485), and no-bearing modular encoders (XR56, XR85, XR115, XR125, XR850), along with stand-alone sensors (XR5, XR12).

Unlike competing solutions, Avtron's SMARTSafe encoder systems, featuring the XRB3, offer full protection against short circuits, power-to-output wiring issues, and output-to-ground faults at every juncture. This system is impervious to harm from wiring errors.

Other intrinsic safety barriers for encoders often impose limitations on frequency throughput or exhibit undesirable voltage droop under load, severely restricting cable length. The XRB3 ensures full throughput for Avtron quadrature encoders, even at high PPRs, and enables the utilization of maximum cable lengths through its innovative stable-voltage design.

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