How to Achieve Precise Measurements with POSITAL’s Spring-Loaded Pivot Arm

PCA Encoders stocks the widest range of encoder accessories in Australia to support our client’s applications installation.

New Encoder

Motrona’s new FM210 frequency multiplier gives you fast and stable frequency multiplication. 

Encoder cable lengths limitations and problems

The speed and position signals of rotary encoders often need to be transmitted over long distances that are questionable for reliability. 

New Encoder

POSITAL has introduced a new range of absolute encoders with IO-Link communications interface.  

Stainless steel PROFINET Encoder

PCA Encoders stocks the POSITAL OCD-EIB1B-1213-B15V-PRM PROFINET encoder.  

Safety relay for cranes

For more than 40 years, Motrona safety relays have been used globally by crane manufacturers to monitor various parameters with a security level of SIL3 / Ple. 

POSITAL cordsets in stock

PCA Encoders now stocks POSITAL’s M12 moulded plug cable sets in 5 and 8 pin, A or D coded, and in standard lengths of 2, 5, and 10 meters.  

New Encoder

POSITAL have recently added several new encoders to their range, that support the ongoing demand for MODBUS RTU. 

Low Cost Encoders

Rotary encoders are complex electro-mechanical devices that have intricate electronics and moving parts. 

Ethernet IP Encoders Australia

For many years the most commony used PLCs in Australia communicated via DeviceNet.

IP67 Rugged Encoder

Industrial applications usually involve challenging environmental conditions, which many sensitive measurement devices are not designed to handle

CANopen encoders

CAN (Controller Area Network) is the most widely used industrial communications protocol in the world, with more nodes in use than any other protocol. In fact, all modern cars use it. 

4-20mA absolute encoder

The 4-20mA analog output absolute encoder is one of easiest to understand.

Mounting rotary encoders

When you install a rotary encoder the following important factors need to be ensured:

New Encoder

The Motrona GV210 is a highly versatile pulse switch, distributor and splitter that can be used for various applications such as: 

Encoders in stock

PCA are experts in supplying encoders within a very short time frame and stock a range of magnetic programmable encoders.

Encoders for Sugar Cane Harvester

PCA Encoders was recently contacted by Corematic, whose customer was experiencing problems with a cane haulage vehicle, known as a haulout.

Encoder programming tool

PCA Encoder's is proud to be Australia’s distributor of POSITAL encoders. 

Encoders in stock

Are you having trouble finding a reliable supplier of encoder cable? Then PCA Encoders can help.  

New Encoder

POSITAL’s new through hollow shaft incremental encoders are designed to be installed with the machine shaft passing through the sensor.