Controllers & Displays

Motrona FM260
Programmable Pulse and Frequency Multiplier
Motrona DX350
touchMATRIX® Digital Indicator (HTL)
Motrona AX350
touchMATRIX® Process Indicator with two 16 bit Analog Inputs
Motrona IX350
touchMATRIX® SSI Absolute Encoder Indicator
Motrona AX020
Miniature Process Indicator for Analog Signals
Motrona DS260
Safety Speed Monitor for Incremental Encoders / Sensors
Motrona DZ210
Direction and Standstill Monitor
Motrona DZ260
Speed Monitor with 3 Output Relays and Analog Output
Motrona MC800
Universal motion controller for applications up to 2 axes
Motrona MC700
Universal motion controller for applications up to 4 axes
Motrona FS340 FS641
Application Specific Motion Controller - Flying Saws and Shears
Motrona CT340 CT641
Application Specific Motion Controller - Rotary Cutters
Motrona BY340 BY641
Application Specific Motion Controller - Synchronous Speed Follower