ANSL Series Optical Encoders

Parallel Gray Code Encoder, 90mm body
PCA ANSL series encoders

The ANSL encoders with Parallel bit Gray Code outputs, are suitable for most industrial applications.

The series provides a high resolution for a small body size, up to 13 Bits.

The direction select control wire determines the relationship between the rotation of the shaft and the count direction of the output. With the wire tied to the + the output value will increase as the shaft turns clockwise (CW), when the wire is connected to the 0 Volt supply the output will increase as the shaft turns counter clockwise (CCW).

Switching the optional "zero reset" input, from the positive to the negative supply for a minimum of .5 Seconds, will force the output code to reset to zero regardless of the shaft position. This provides a simple way to synchronise the encoder output to the machine physical zero position.

To ensure long-term reliability, each encoder must be mounted in accordance with the installation instructions. Refer to the Accessories section for a range of couplings and mounting hardware.

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