Avtron AV56

Heavy mill duty, no bearing encoder
Avtron AV56 Heavy Duty Encoder

The Avtron AV56 series of heavy mill duty modular magnetic encoders are designed to fit standard 4.5" C-Face motors, including Marathon Blue and Black Max, as well as Baldor Reliance models. For applications requiring washdown and marine duty, the stainless steel AV56S variant is available. Also see additional THIN-LINE III models, with sizes ranging from 115mm to 8.5", which cater to various motor dimensions.

Installation is straightforward, and robust construction and transparent diagnostics minimise downtime associated with encoders.

To enhance durability, the magnetic sensors are fully potted, ensuring resistance to dirt and liquids without the use of glass disks or optics that could become clogged. The absence of moving or wearing parts contributes to the reliability of the system.

The patented Wide-Gap™ Cam Screw Rotors™ not only prevent sensor damage but also simplify installation, ensuring a secure mount to the shaft.

The universal 5-24V design enables longer cable runs and safeguards against wiring errors and surges.

Upon powering up the AV56, a green LED indicates successful digital self-tuning, ensuring optimal performance. If the AV56 encounters issues producing ideal signals, the LED turns red, activating the remote alarm contact. Wiring errors and short circuits are detected and signaled by an orange LED. Despite these indicators, the encoder continues to function, allowing time to schedule necessary service.

With a proven installation history boasting over 4,500,000 hours MTBF in real-world scenarios, AV56 encoders provide continuous, reliable operation for your machine, 24/7/365.

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