Avtron HS45

Heavy duty encoder - through hollow shaft, motor flange mount
Avtron HS45 Heavy Duty Encoder

The Avtron HS45 has been designed to directly mount onto a flange motor frame, with options for most European-style, IEC Standard motors (as used in Australia), as well as US-style motor frames (NEMA).

This is a through hollow shaft encoder with a narrow body that has oversized bearings and magnetic sensor technology, making it extremely reliable.

It is a direct replacement upgrade for Hubner HOG8, 9, 10, Leine & Linde 861, 862, 865, Dynapar: HS35, HS35R, BEI: HS35, XHS35 and many others.

 The HS45 is engineered for the harshest environments and ensures absolute reliability with consistent exposure to extreme temperatures, water, oil, and dirt.

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