Avtron SV850

SIL 2 safety encoder, heavy duty, no bearings.
Avtron SV850 Heavy Duty SIL 2 Encoder

The SV850 stands out as one of the first safety-rated no-bearing encoders suited for SIL 2 applications. Traditional optical encoders often fail due to dust or water infiltration, hindering the sensor's ability to read the optical disk. In contrast, the SV850, equipped with advanced magnetic technology, penetrates through contamination. Its fully sealed circuit design ensures uninterrupted machine operation, even in demanding mill environments. The SV850 excels in both magnetic performance and moisture resistance.

Designed to accommodate standard 8.5" FC-Face motors, the SV850 safety modular magnetic encoders are a straightforward solution, engineered to eradicate encoder failures. The SV850 electronics are entirely encapsulated, eliminating the presence of moving wearing parts.

Common miswiring issues, often resulting in time and financial losses, are addressed with the SV850. Wiring errors and short circuits leading to over-temperature situations trigger an LED change to orange, providing a clear alert to the problem. The SV850 boasts a comprehensive output short circuit, reverse voltage protection and surge protection. The digitally self-tuning sensors eliminate drive trips caused by suboptimal encoder signals. The universal 5-24V design supports longer cables and guards against wiring errors and surges.

The SV850 introduces adaptive electronics, ensuring correct installation with a green LED confirmation at power-up, indicating alignment with the rotor and signal reading. If the SV850 encounters challenges in generating consistent signals, the LED shifts to red, activating the optional remote alarm contact. Nevertheless, the encoder persists in operation, allowing ample time to schedule service.

This encoder offers unparalleled safety and reliability!

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