POSITAL UCD-IPH00-01024-05M0-2TW

Incremental Programmable Magnetic Encoder; Body: 50mm (clamp), Shaft: 8mm; Cable 2m angled
Posital UCD-IPH00-01024-05M0-2TW

POSITAL Incremental Encoder

Many applications require a simple, cost effective solution for accurate positioning. Incremental encoders generate an output signal each time the shaft rotates a certain amount. IXARC incremental encoders from POSITAL provide high resolution measurement using an incremental interface. Magnetic technology provides a compact, robust and cost-efficient angular sensing using an innovative multiturn technology and a Hall-sensor.

Optional stainless steel and heavy duty housings available. Solid Shaft ø8 mm, ø50 mm Clamp Body, Angled Cable exit 2 meters IP64 / IP65, Material: Aluminium / Steel, Shaft Clamping Ring.

Supply Voltage: 4.75 – 30 VDC Programmable HTL/TTL but as a default Push-Pull (HTL), A, B, Z, /A, /B, /Z,

Default PPR is 1024, PCA can supply configured as anything from 1 – 16384 ppr.

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