CANopen, Magnetic Encoder; 58mm body, 15mm Blind Hollow Shaft, 3 x Cable Gland
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POSITAL’s IXARC magnetic absolute encoders with CANopen interface have a “connection cap” that makes device configuration and troubleshooting simpler and more intuitive.

  • Robust measurement technology
  • Diagnostics via LEDs
  • On site configuration of the address and baud rate via rotary switches
  • Hardware setup of the termination resistor
  • 12 bit single-turn, 12 bit for multi-turn;
  • Battery-free
  • Flexible installation (cable gland, connector), easy maintenance
  • Separation or combination of power and communication cables
  • IP66 / 67

This generation of IXARC magnetic encoders with CANopen interface does not require device setup by updating software parameters, with special tools and expertise. 

The connection cap interface contains three rotary switches that enable the installer to define the node ID and baud-rate directly with a small screwdriver. 

There are also diagnostic LEDs on the backside that indicate device and network status.

With eight screw terminals inside the cap, the user can easily install cables for power supply, bus-in, and bus-out.

A slide switch can be set to activate a termination resistor when the device is located at the end of the network, reducing installation costs.

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