IO-Link Encoder; 36mm body, 6mm Solid Shaft, Synchro Flange, M12Male 5 pin radial plug, Magnetic
posital ucd-lk00b-1516-ra10-prv encoder

POSITAL’s IXARC magnetic absolute encoders with IO-Link offer the following features:

  • Simplify Your Communications System
  • Condition Monitoring via Vibration and Temperature Sensor
  • Hardware I/O-Pin for Preset, Reset or Cam Switch
  • Simple Wiring Reducing Costs
  • Automatic Parameterization after Device Replacement
  • Robust Magnetic Multiturn Sensing without Gear or Battery
  • IP65

IO-Link is a low-cost, easy-to-implement communications system designed to simplify connections between large-scale fieldbus or industrial Ethernet networks and sensor or actuator devices located on the factory floor. On one side of an IO-Link master gateway device is an interface to the plant-wide network, while the other side has multiple point-to-point connections to individual sensor devices. The IO-Link interface for end devices is relatively simple, eliminating the need to support complex communications protocols at the sensor/actuator level. IO-Link supports a variety of data types, including measurement data, device configuration instructions and information about operating condition parameters such as temperature.


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