Universal Encoder Level Converter and Direction Decoder
Motrona PU210

Motrona Signal Converter

This universal level converter, direction decoder and potential isolation amplifier accepts both single-track and two-lane incremental encoder signals at the input, which can optionally be designed as RS422 / TTL or as HTL level (10 ... 30 V). If the signal is a rotation-related signal, the direction can either be defined by a 90° phase shift of the channels A and B or by a static direction signal.

Independent of the level and the directional signal at the input, the signals A, / A, B, / B and Z, / Z are available at the output, the direction of rotation again being available in the format A, B with 90° phase shift or as a static signal. The output uses push-pull stages, whereby the output level is approx. 1.5 V lower than the supply voltage of the device, which can be 5 ... 30 VDC.

The inputs and outputs are electrically isolated via inductive couplers and optionally via parallel SUB-D plugs or screw terminals can be connected.

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