Safety Relay for Crane Monitoring

Safety relay for cranes

For more than 40 years, Motrona safety relays have been used globally by crane manufacturers to monitor various parameters with a security level of SIL3 / Ple. 

These parameters include: 

  • Winding and unwinding speed  

  • Direction of rotation 

  • Standstill and drift of the hoist rope 

Motrona safety relays can also be retrofitted to existing cranes.  

Autonomous speed monitoring ensures that the highest safety standards can be met. Different limit values are selectable, depending on the inclination of the crane arm.  

Crane safety monitoring

Wind Speed Monitoring on Tower Cranes 

Wind speed monitoring is especially important with tower cranes.  

Wind speed monitoring for tower cranes

You can opt for an inexpensive monitoring solution with one speed sensor, or a redundant version with two wind sensors.  

Depending on the requirements, the safety speed monitors and wind detector installation can reach a safety level of up to SIL3 / Ple, with analogue or digital anemometers connected correctly to the appropriate  Motrona safety monitor. 

Crane Safety Relay DS250  

Redundant wind speed monitoring solution for tower crane

  • Suitable for HTL & TTL encoders  

  • 2 synchronous safe relay outputs (NO) 

  • Safe analog output 4~20 mA 

Crane Wind Guard AX350 

Low cost wind speed monitoring solution for tower crane

  • Freely programmable limit values  

  • 2 limit relays 

  • Scalable analog output (4~20 mA / 0~10 V) 

For further information please contact PCA encoders on 1300 362 633. 

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10 March 2021