Ethernet IP Encoders for Australia's Most Common PLCs


For many years the most commony used PLCs in Australia communicated via DeviceNet.

However, integrators are now favouring the new Ethernet based Industrial Protocol; Ethernet/IP.

It is no surprise that PCA’s most commonly stocked and sold absolute encoders are the Ethernet/IP encoders.

Ethernet IP Rotary Encoder

PCA’s Ethernet IP encoders from POSITAL are either single-turn or multi-turn, with variants offering a resolution of up to 16 bits per revolution. 

As with all POSITAL optical encoders, a variety of mechanical options are available including different flanges, environmental protection ratings and housing options. 

The Ethernet/IP encoders are ideally suited for factory automation because of these mechanical characteristics, as well as the range of connector and cable options available.

Ethernet I/P Encoder Feature Options

  • Single turn or multiturn
  • 2 port Switch
  • Stainless steel design option
  • IECEx protected variants available

POSITAL Ethernet IP rotary encoders options allow up to 65536 steps per revolution (16 bits), and up to 16384 revolutions (14 bits), for an overall resolution of up to 30 bits.

This makes POSITAL encoders well suited for the following applications:

  • Precision motion control applications
  • High resolution position or velocity feedback
  • Robotics
  • Packaging industry
  • Materials handling

An EDS configuration file is supplied free of charge with the encoder and is readily recognised by the PLC and the programming software,to identify all of the encoder's parameters.

Designed to interface well with Australia's most commonly used PLC's, programming can be done quickly and easily, with assistance from six diagnostic LEDs.

Advantages of buying your Ethernet IP encoder from PCA Encoders.

  • Wide range of options, to suite your application requirements
  • Local stock holding in Australia
  • A high level of product knowledge obtained from more than 50 years of experience

If you would like assistance in selecting an Ethernet IP encoder for your project, then please contact PCA Encoders.


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15 October 2021