Incremental Encoder Signal Converter, Splitter and Switcher


The Motrona GV210 is a highly versatile pulse switch, distributor and splitter that can be used for various applications such as: 

  • Dual level converter 
  • Encoder splitter (dual output) 
  • Encoder signal switcher:
Motrona GV210
Motron GV210



Dual Level Encoder Converter 

The GV210 allows you to take a single encoder signal and connect to a variable speed drive (VSC) for closed loop speed control, as well as sending it to a PLC/HMI for position indication readout. 

For example, it can convert HTL 24V signals (Push-Pull) to TTL 5V signals (such as RS422), and vice-versa. 

Encoder dual level converter diagram


Encoder Splitter Dual Output 

As a switcher the Motrona GV210 enables 2 different encoders to connect to a controller (switched by an external 24VDC control signal). 

Encoder splitter dual output diagram

For example, it will allow you to feed a single encoder signal to a VSD for closed loop speed control, at the same time this signal can be send it to a PLC/HMI for position indication, avoiding any signal degradation. 


Encoder Signal Switcher 

The Motrona GV210 can convert encoder signals, or voltage levels from one type to another. For example, it can convert a 10V output to 24V, or HTL to RS422. 

Encoder signal switcher diagram

For example, in an application with 2 encoders and only 1 display you can enable either encoder to be displayed by means of a 24V switch.  

Another example application is in a scenario where you may have a single (speed synchronized) conveyor encoder feeding to either machine A or machine B, by selection. Both machines have their own PLC.  

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15 October 2021