Optimised Data Transfer with POSITAL EtherNet/IP Encoders

Ethernet IP Encoders for High Speed Applications

POSITAL has updated the EtherNet/IP communications interface on their encoders to optimise data transfer, thereby reducing downtime due to transmission delays.

As well-advanced network management tools, the new advanced protocol also supports a communications cap which allows installers to define the device’s IP address through a set of three rotary switches.  

POSITAL EtherNet Ip Encoders

High temperature warnings, monitored acceleration levels, and a time counter can be accessed through this upgrade.  

POSITAL’s implementation of this upgrade meets all requirements of the ODVA’s conformance testing. 

The new models are undergoing final test and are expected to be available early 2022. 

There has been no change to the hardware, only the firmware and the new model encoders will be backward compatible with existing models. 

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10 January 2022