POSITAL and Rockwell Automation: A Powerful Partnership

Encoders for Allen Bradley PLCs

Acknowledged as Rockwell Technology Partners

We are thrilled to announce that POSITAL has once again been recognised as a Rockwell Technology Partner.

This prestigious acknowledgment underscores POSITAL’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of industrial automation.

Complementary Products for Seamless Integration

POSITAL takes pride in developing cutting-edge products that seamlessly integrate with Rockwell Automation systems. Their rotary encoders and inclinometers utilise Rockwell communication protocols such as Ethernet IP and DeviceNet, ensuring a smooth and efficient connection to your Allen Bradley PLCs or VFDs.

Compatibility and Renewed Membership

POSITAL renewing their membership as Rockwell Technology Partners reaffirms their commitment to providing you with the highest quality solutions. This means that both Rockwell’s latest products and POSITAL’s state-of-the-art offerings are fully compatible. Whether you’re upgrading your existing systems or implementing new ones, you can trust that POSITAL’s products will work seamlessly with your Allen Bradley PLC of VFD.

Leaders in Displacement Measurement and Automation

POSITAL is a global leader in the field of displacement measurement. Their precision sensors and encoders play a crucial role in various industries, from manufacturing to robotics.

Further Information

Please contact PCA for further information and local support of POSITAL’s range of encoders.

20 March 2024