Product Change Notification -Encoder Signal Splitters

Encoder splitters application

The existing encoder signal distributors (encoder splitters) from Motrona will be gradually phased out over the next 12 months or so.

Motrona are releasing a new product range with more features in a compact, convenient, DIN rail mountable unit. 

Change to design of encoder signal splitters

Extensive Range 

There are now two types of encoder signal distributors available: 

  • The GV series without signal isolation 
  • The GT series with signal isolation  

The following standard devices are now available: 

  • GV222: Pulse splitter with 2 outputs, short-circuit proof encoder supply,  
  • GV224: Pulse splitter with 4 outputs, short-circuit proof encoder supply 
  • GV228: Pulse splitter with 8 outputs, short-circuit proof encoder suppl 
  • GT222: Pulse splitter with 2 potential separated outputs, short-circuit proof supply 
  • GT224: Pulse splitter with 4 potential separated outputs, short-circuit proof supply 
  • GT228: Pulse splitter with 8 potential separated outputs, short-circuit proof supply 

All the encoder signal distributors above can be expanded with a clip-on expansion module, which gives you an additional 4 or 8 outputs, also with or without signal isolation: 

  • EV224 without signal isolation and ET224 with signal isolation 
  • EV228 without signal isolation and ET228 with signal isolation 

Features of Motrona Encoder Signal Splitters 

Compact Size 

The new DIN mount housing is just 34 mm wide (54mm for 8 channel devices), more than half the width of the GV4xx series enclosures, so taking up far less cabinet space.  


The models with signal isolation ensure a complete separation between all inputs and output signals. However, there is no galvanic isolation with the splitter’s power supply. 

Signal Delay 

The new series of encoder signal splitters have a significantly lower delay time of 160ns compared to the 400ns of the GV4xx series. 

Higher Frequencies  

The new encoder signal splitters support at least double the speed signal higher frequencies, 1MHz for TTL and 500kHz for HTL 

Lower Cost 

Amazingly all the enhancements above also come with a reduced-price tag. 

Notes for Customers Upgrading Encoder Splitters 

Users must be aware that the connector pin outs are not the same and you will need to rewire.  

Please contact ADM’s team of encoder specialists to discuss the best way of splitting your encoder signals for connection to multiple devices. 

18 August 2022