EtherNet / IP Encoders

Many of the most commonly used PLCs in Australia are moving away from the old serial-based communications protocols such as DeviceNet, in favour of Ethernet based technologies 

Advantages of Magnetic Encoders

PCA stocks a wide range of POSITAL magnetic encoders.

Advantages of Optical Encoders

PCA stocks a wide range of W&S optical encoders from Global Encoder Solutions Group (GES Group). 


PCA Encoders offer a wide range of encoders that are suitable for low profile bulk fillers. Many are available from stock. 

New Product

PCA Encoders stocks a select range of POSITAL EtherCAT absolute encoders in Australia. 

Product change notification

Motrona has announced that the following signal conditioners are to be discontinued. The suggested alternative model is listed: 

Installing Hollow Shaft Encoders

All hollow shaft type encoders are designed to fully support their own weight on the driving shaft.

Encoder installation precautions

PCA encoders are designed for a wide range of installations, from general industry to very heavy duty sites as found in food processing and on the decks of ships at sea

How encoders work

What is a Shaft Encoder?

ADM Systems Pty Ltd

As of 1st April 2019, PCA joined the ADM Systems group of companies. 

New Encoders Website

We have rebuilt our website to make it easier for you to browse our range of encoders, installation accessories and other sensors and transducers.

New Encoder

This robust rotary encoder is based on the latest magnetic technology.